About Us

  • "Wonderful, knowledgeable, friendly staff in all stores, support rescue groups" - Jill K.
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Especially for Pets is a chain of stores in Massachusetts that sells pet food and supplies, offers services such as training and grooming and serves as an educational resource for responsible pet care. Founded in 1988, we have eight locations throughout the state and more than 150 employees, many of whom have affiliations with veterinary, training and animal rescue organizations.

Google “Massachusetts Pet Stores” and you’ll discover 11,000,000 results, from giant superstores to single-store “Mom and Pops” and everything in between. So what makes us believe Especially for Pets is your best choice for pet care products and services?

We are a local community-oriented business that has your pet's best interest at heart. We are pet lovers just like you and our understanding of the relationship between people and pets is a personal one. We share a passion and a love of animals. Virtually everyone who works at Especially for Pets does so because of their deep commitment to pets in general and to their own in particular.

We are dedicated to providing genuine and individualized service. We employ a professional and extremely knowledgeable workforce that treats customers with the utmost respect and delivers a level of service we think is simply unavailable at the so-called “Big Box” stores. The customer experience is paramount. We survey our customers frequently to ensure they are receiving the service they deserve.

Our stores serve as venues for teaching and educating the pet owner. We offer specialty seminars and events so our customers can meet professionals and learn about nutrition, training, and health and wellness and more. Everything about Especially for Pets is designed to support and celebrate the bond between you and your pet.

We excel at training and grooming services. Our professional trainers and groomers are the best in the business, many with renowned and stellar reputations in Massachusetts and whose services are delivered with care and expertise. Our Training Academy in Sudbury is the hub of all things related to training and sets the standard for training facilities.

We have been at the forefront of the natural and holistic trend for over 27 years and were the first retailer in Massachusetts to introduce raw frozen food. We sell the highest quality and most pet-friendly products available and have been a pioneer for responsible pet care and natural/organic/raw food products. We are adamant in our belief that products of this kind are best for your pet.

At Especially for Pets, we feel it is our responsibility to contribute to the solution of the problem of homeless and abandoned animals and therefore, we will never sell pets. We encourage and promote pet adoption with various animal shelters and breed rescues in our communities and throughout New England, and support them through customer education as well as financially. This responsibility is cultural and permeates all aspects of our business. In fact, 49% of our advertising budget is allocated to sponsor and support humane organizations and to date, we have contributed in excess of $350,000 to local non-profits in our community. We believe this is our greatest achievement.

We truly care about employee and customer happiness and put them both ahead of profits. Our business is not just about making the most profit—it is all about doing the right thing for our employees, customers and local charitable organizations. Twenty-five percent of our profits are returned to employees via bonuses and profit sharing.

Our relationships with our customers often start early and grow throughout the life of their pet. They often begin when we help them actually find their pet through adoptions. We provide their first grooming and obedience class and all the products that support a healthy and long life. Through this life cycle approach, the bond between our customers and Especially for Pets is deep and often very special.

The human-animal bond has many documented benefits including those associated with health and wellness, psychological, emotional and social. Especially for Pets was formed to support and nurture this special relationship and we are committed to helping you strengthen and preserve this very extraordinary bond.