catsEspecially for Pets is excited to roll out a new educational and training program for cats and their humans!

The fee for each two-week class is $60 and consists of a one-hour session for humans only. Pre-registration is required by calling your location of choice. Enrollment is limited. Five percent of all proceeds will be donated to local feline shelter programs.

Welcome Home, Kitten
This class will provide new kitten parents with an overview of kitten development (both social and physical) and care. We will help you understand feline body language and the environmental enrichment needs of your new kitten.

It’s finally Spring, and we know you and your pets can’t wait to get outside and run around in all that sunshine! Your pets just love being outside - playing fetch, going for hikes, rolling in the grass. They haven’t got a care in the world. However, as evolved and educated pet parents, we know there are some very important things to worry about: fleas & ticks and the diseases they can carry.

flea and tick april 2018

 These Springtime pests like to hide out and wait for your furry family members to pass by so they can hop on and start wreaking havoc. So, what do you need to know to keep your pets safe?

BARK FrommSale 788px

Fromm is an Especially for Pet’s fan favorite food and treat brand. We had the chance to experience the FROMM difference first-hand when we took the Fromm Heritage Tour in Wisconsin. During the visit, we learned about the history of the Fromm Family, the innovations they brought to the agricultural and pet food industries, and took a complete tour the Fromm manufacturing facilities. 


Join Brad Kriser, pet nutrition and wellness expert for over 20 years, on Wednesday, April 11 at 6:00pm in Wayland to learn about feeding a properly prepared raw diet. This seminar is designed to teach you about foods, supplements and treats that facilitate the healthy care of your pet. Learn how to balance your dog's diet, how to keep it easy, and how to make it fit with your family priorities.

We are very proud to share the accomplishments of Carol Soeldner, sales associate in Newton, and her two Border Terriers. Congratulations Carol, Chirp and Sponge!

Chirp Group 1Sunkist Sounds Of Joix, RN, RL-1, SE, JE (Can), CG, TKN, RATN, L1E, CGC, V, CHIC  (known as Chirp) earned his Versatility title with the Border Terrier Club of America this fall by earning his Novice Trick title. He is Carol's fifth Border to earn this accomplishment (out of five).  She owned his great uncle and uncle (who showed at Westminster twice) and they earned Versatility as well as Versatility Excellent titles.  He turns five years old on February 21.