TamborCapeAt ten weeks old, our Canine Companions Puppy Tambor, is already learning. Here are some of the methods his Puppy Raiser, Leslie Zelamsky, uses.

If You Ask For It, Make Sure You Get It!
If you are not prepared to make it happen, do not ask, or your puppy will learn to listen only part of the time. Consistency, clarity and follow through are the keys to getting your puppy to learn. NEVER repeat your commands. NEVER train without the tools you need such as treats, training collar, and leash. NEVER ask anything of your puppy unless you have the time and energy to follow through and make it happen.


MeetTamborThis little guy is on his way to changing someone's life and is currently under the love and care of his puppy raiser, Leslie Zelamsky, who is our director of Dog Training. Tambor is sleeping through the night, adjusting to his crate and starting to learn some basic commands such as sit, down and shake (paw).

Tambor, who is the eighth puppy Leslie has raised for Canine Companions, has already been to a playgroup and his first Puppy Kindergarten class at our Training Academy in Sudbury. His favorite teacher is our Lead Trainer, Angela Nickerson. Angela has welcomed many of these special puppies into her classes. Her wonderful and sweet guidance has surely contributed to their success. Especially for Pets is proudly sponsoring Tambor for the next 18 months while he is raised by Leslie. A stuffed lamp chop toy is definitely his favorite sleeping buddy and he loves chomping on bully sticks, yak milk bones and dried sweet potatoes called Sams Yams. Check back for updates on this very special puppy and his progress.

Bryn in TrainingSome of you might remember the Canine Companions for Independence puppy that we sponsored and was raised by our director of Dog Training, Leslie Zelamsky. It has been three months since Bryn entered Advanced Training at the Northeast Regional Training Center for Canine Companions for Independence in Medford, NY. At the end of every month, the puppy raisers get a report on how well their puppy is doing and what they are learning. I am pleased to write that Bryn's reports have been quite good. She has adjusted to her daily training routine, plays beautifully with the other dogs and is learning her commands very well.

Jen Niles Art ClassAnimal rescue organizations know the challenge of creating new and effective ways to raise money. At Especially for Pets, we consistently partner with people in the community who want to help in this worthwhile work. Sometimes our involvement even has a happy “ripple effect” that goes beyond the initial event.

In February 2014, artist Jen Niles approached us about holding a fundraising art class for Buddy Dog Humane Society. Jen's enthusiasm was infectious and we were happy to partner with her because it was a natural extension of our community involvement.

MayaVestedInterestWe are proud to share this article about K9 Maya of the Worcester County Sherriff's Office. She will be the recipient of a donated bullet and stab proof vest made possible by a fundraiser held in our Medway store last December. This popular event, Helping Paws for the Holidays, hosted Santa Paws and the Grinch for photos with pets and their people and was organized by Vested Interest in K9s. We would like to thank all of our clients and supporters who made this gift possible!