There is a lot of information and questions that surround CBD Hemp Oil. Here are the FAQs about Pet Releaf products.


It’s no secret that pet parents love to travel with their dogs. According to a recent Kurgo Survey, over 88% of people plan to take their dogs on vacation this summer and over 87% will take that trip by car. A road trip is a great way to bond with your pup and family members as well as really see the countryside around you. However, when traveling with a pet there are few precautions and preparations you need to take to make it safe, comfortable and fun for both of you. Whether it’s a weekend break to the country, a week across the state or a long overdue trip to Grandma’s house, we’ve put together some helpful safety tips to make sure you both get there safe and sound!

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There is nothing like sharing your vacation with your pets. Watching your best friend bound through ocean waves, swim across a lake, hike in the redwoods by your side, or just look at the grandeur of the Grand Canyon together increases the enjoyment of your travels. Finding destinations that not only allow pets but are pet friendly can be tough.


Summer means the kids are out of school and it's time for picnics, vacations, fireworks - and anxiety for your pets. The summer skies can also be lit up by the natural fireworks of thunderstorms. As much fun as these activities can be for your pets, many become extremely stressed during this time of year.

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