Take a look at your cat right now. I bet they are just as comfortable as mine. My three are curled up on my bed, fast asleep, but only after making sure the comforter was rumpled enough to provide them with adequate comfort. Our pet cats today are domesticated and happy about it!

Seeing our cats as they are now makes it difficult to imagine where they came from, but for their long-term health, it’s important to remember that our cats’ ancestors were desert animals. I can’t look at my well-loved, and ummm, spoiled, felines and think of them surviving in a desert environment—but their ancestors thrived there.


Many pet parents feed their dogs and cats a raw diet because of its many benefits. A raw food diet for pets is built around raw meat, bones, and sometimes fruits and vegetables. Fresh, raw food is easier to digest than cooked food, which leads to improved nutrient absorption. All of Primal Pet Foods are made to keep your pet’s diet as close to nature as possible, allowing them to live longer, healthier, more vibrant lives.

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For many people, summertime is the time to take to the water. And if your dog enjoys swimming, too, it can be great fun and exercise for dogs as well as people. But as always, safety should come first. Here are some reminders to keep everyone safe while swimming this summer!

There is a lot of information and questions that surround CBD Hemp Oil. Here are the FAQs about Pet Releaf products.