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Willy’s Kitty Angels Rescue
PO Box 222
N. Uxbridge, Ma. 01538

August 24, 2011

Dear Amy and Especially for Pets Staff,

First, I would like to apologize for the delay in sending this thank you letter. It has been an extremely busy time for us, as explained below.

On June 20th we began working with a cat hoarder who had 35 adult cats and 40 kittens. Our volunteers and I removed 45 kittens beginning on July 1st, the final 6 leaving just three weeks ago. Two of the kittens J.P. and K.C. had such severe eye infections they each required an emergency eye enucleation. Had it not been for the generous gift given to us by Especially for Pets, as your first quarter nail clipping recipient, these surgeries would have financially drained our organization.

Supporting Massachusetts Police Dogs ~ Celebrating our 11th anniversary

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Helping provide bulletproof vests, essential equipment, training, & dogs.

508-668-7149     PO Box 48 Walpole MA 02081

February 1, 2012

Ms. Amy Kinne, Director of Business Development
Especially for Pets
1185 Chestnut St
Newton, MA 02464  

Dear Amy, Especially for Pets staff and customers: 

Many thanks, for your enthusiastic and talented staff in conjunction with generous clients and their beloved pets, with the Q2 2011 nail trimming fundraiser, raising a total of $7314!   

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March 1, 2012

Ms. Amy Kinne, Director of Business Development
Especially for Pets
1185 Chestnut St
Newton, MA 02464 

Hi Amy--
My name is Ann Fratesi and I work with Animal Relief and Rescue Fellowship (ARRF) in Leland, Mississippi. Highway is being cared for by our group.  I wanted to thank you sooooooooooooooo very, very much for the wonderful CARE PACKAGE that you sent him. We helped him open it day before yesterday and he was absolutely beside himself!!! I got pictures but cannot send them due to a computer problem. Just as soon as it is fixed, I will be sending them on to you. He was so amazed by everything. He has probably never had a toy in his life.  He immediately grabbed the big fuzzy bone and started jumping around with it. We had to take it away from him so he would see the rest of his surprises. 

The Retailer’s Association of Massachusetts announced the winners of the 1999 RAMAE Awards. The purpose of the RAMAE (Retailers Association of Massachusetts Awards of Excellence) is to recognize excellence within the retail industry.

Especially for Pets was chosen based on its high standards in customer service and expertise in the pet industry. Their general approach to pet care, including their adoption program, grooming, obedience, free educational seminars and resource centers distinguishes them as well.

By Loren Watson
News Staff Writer

Sudbury - Nancy McElwaine considers Shay Ney Ney, a Lab-Shepherd mix who recently joined her family, a hero. 

Three years ago, when McElwaine first met Shay, the middle-aged dog was painfully thin. Her owners, poor to start with, had been financially devastated by the illness of one of its members.

The father of the family, whose name McElwaine did not release, was dying of AIDS. And though the family couldn't afford to keep Shay, he and the honey-colored shorthair were so devoted to each other, it seemed cruel to separate them.