supplements1One of the things you love about your dog is the fact that she's always up for an adventure. She loves to go for a good romp outdoors and she's always looking for her Frisbee.

But one day you notice she's starting to slow down. She doesn't run after the stick; she trots after it. She waits for the Frisbee to land before she grabs it.

stella chewys1Stella & Chewy's was founded by Marie, dog mom to sweet yet destructive pup Chewy. When Marie found out that her beloved Chewy was suffering from distemper, she knew there was nothing she wouldn't do for him. So, she did what all doting dog moms would do - she started preparing and feeding Chewy his very own personalized raw food diet. After seeing the incredible (and fast!) improvements in Chewy's overall health, she knew it was her mission to bring this raw food diet to pet parents everywhe

Taking your dog for a walk can be one of the most satisfying things you do with your dog. It's a good bonding experience; your dog enjoys the fresh air, all the fun smells, and just getting out and moving around. But you need the right collar and lead to make the experience truly enjoyable. Here are some things to consider.

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Woo hoo! We’re going to the dog park! Dogs and Pawrents alike love this poochie paradise. But the dog park is more than just fun and games…it’s about proper socialization. It’s important for dogs of all ages, because it impacts the way they will react to other dogs and people for the rest of their lives. The dog park is the ideal place to give your dog some opportunities for socialization because it’s an enclosed and controlled environment.


Before you let your pup off leash, let’s go over a few things to keep in mind the next time you’re at the dog park.

It’s finally Spring, and we know you and your pets can’t wait to get outside and run around in all that sunshine! Your pets just love being outside - playing fetch, going for hikes, rolling in the grass. They haven’t got a care in the world. However, as evolved and educated pet parents, we know there are some very important things to worry about: fleas & ticks and the diseases they can carry.

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 These Springtime pests like to hide out and wait for your furry family members to pass by so they can hop on and start wreaking havoc. So, what do you need to know to keep your pets safe?