LindsayMeyersVetJoin Lindsay Meyers, a licensed veterinary technician, on Wednesday, April 12 at 6:00pm in Wayland as she teaches us how to safely integrate raw food into any pet's diet. Lindsay is passionate about whole foods nutrition for cats and dogs. After the presentation, she will gladly answer questions regarding nutrition and health, especially as it relates to diet. She is a wealth of knowledge and we are so excited to share her wisdom. Bring a notepad and pencil because we are sure you will want to jot down notes about this very important topic.

More about Lindsay: Her experience includes working in the veterinary field from 1997 to 2015, holding several positions from kennel technician to a practice manager and everything in between. She also has experience in emergency and critical care (ICU) veterinary medicine as well as exotic animals and small animal general practice.

dayschoolcrewDay School is a place where dogs come to learn and play. We appreciate and celebrate each canine’s unique personality and specific needs and our staff work with you to develop an individualized plan that is best suited for your dog. Like you, we want your dog to be the best he can be, therefore your input and commitment is extremely important to us. The partnership between you and our staff will ensure your dog has a unique and stimulating experience!

What does a typical Day School student look like? The only thing 'typical' about our students is that they are all adorable! Beyond that, each one is different. Our students attend Day School for a variety of reasons.

CratedpupMany books and articles have been written about the benefits of housebreaking by using a crate. Primarily they discuss the importance of scheduling and what size crate to use. But there are many reasons why a crate should be used during and beyond housebreaking and if used appropriately, a crate will become your primary tool and a safe place where your dog can relax and feel secure.

One of the basic rules for raising a puppy is to introduce new things gradually and positively. This is especially true for the puppy's introduction into his crate.   

womanpuppyA wonderful way to encourage a young puppy to become a well-mannered adult dog is to catch him doing something right and letting him know. We do this by 'marking' the behavior. Marking a behavior that you like and want to encourage is easy! Just give praise and a treat! Doing so will encourage him to repeat behaviors that you like. Here are some examples of wanted behavior to positively mark on a regular basis. 

Rymsza Print 1Children and pets are welcome on Saturday, April 1 from Noon to 4:00pm in Medway! Photos will be taken courtesy of Erin Mathieu and all proceeds will go directly to Dog Orphans Humane Society. Three packages will be available, each for $20. All pets must be leashed or crated for safety. No appointment necessary.