FredLevyArtTambor is an assistance dog in training who is being raised by our Obedience Manager, Leslie Zelamsky. In keeping with our philanthropic spirit, Especially for Pets is sponsoring this special puppy and donating all of his necessary supplies, food and training. We are pleased to collaborage with Framingham Animal Hospital, who is donating his veterinary care, and Fred Levy Art Photography, who is capturing monthly images of Tambor as he grows and flourishes. Take a look at these beautiful photos. The camera loves him just as much as we do!

EFP Logo No TextWe are pleased to share this article from Natural Awakening's Business Spotlight.

catcakeMike, a sales associate in Acton recently received a handwritten note and a delicious cake made from scratch from a very kind customer. The note said, "To the kind and compassionate salesperson who waited on me; thank you so very much for taking the time to help me the other day. Having a sick pet is such a distressing situation and often times I have felt vulnerable and taken advantage of. You could have sold me anything with the promise it had the tiniest chance to help my cat. Instead you gave me free samples to try and I left with renewed optimism both for my cat and mankind! Your ears must be burning as I recount my trip to your store to everyone! Thank you for being a bright spot in an otherwise depressing situation!"

Mike said “customers like this make my day, and make me feel like sometimes I can make a difference in someone's life, no matter how small.”

It's clear that our customers love us as much as we love them and their pets. Kudos to Mike for always being genuine, kind and compassionate! We're proud to have him on our team!

GraduatesCongratulations to Rally (top center) Bryn (bottom third from right) and Ireland (bottom right) for entering Canine Companions for Independence Team Training next week. These three black beauties were raised by local puppy raisers Kyoko Weismann, Leslie Zelamsky (Especially for Pets Director of Dog Training), John Crapps and Nina Zonevylle. All three attended dog training classes at Especially for Pets while they were being raised. For the next two weeks, Rally, Bryn, Ireland and the rest of their Team Training Class will work towards placement and graduation with a disabled person whose life they will affect in the most wonderful of ways.

Tambor3Does your puppy show any fears or concerns? Be careful with your tone, words and interaction during this period. Coddling a fearful puppy and saying that it is okay,  is telling your puppy that being afraid is a good thing. You will encourage this unwanted behavior. Act neutral during this time or train your puppy by figuring out fun approaches like playing, to help your pup  through his fear. If your pup is happy as a potentially fearful exposure is happening, he will be more likely to associate the potentially fearful experience from a positive perspective.