womanpuppyDay School Puppy Primer, for puppies two to four months old, will provide you with everything you need to ensure your new puppy assimilates into his new home and family and grows into a well-mannered, social and conīŦdent adult dog. This first phase of our year long program has been developed in conjunction with the scientifically proven behavioral/develomental periods of your puppy's first year. Our comprehensive program covers all the bases from providing daily training at our facility to teaching your family what to do at home. We are here to help prepare you and your puppy for a wonderful life together. 

Imprinting Phase (Two to Four Months)
Like children, puppies have a small window of time during brain development when they are most impressionable. This is called the imprinting, or critical learning period. For puppies, the imprinting period is during the first 16 weeks of life. Puppies learn more during this time than they can learn in a lifetime. Therefore, the quality and quantity of what they experience will have a huge impact on their future personalities and determine the formation of many of their 'good' or 'bad' behavior tendencies. Our Puppy Primer curriculum is designed to complement the theory behind these first two months with your family.

Private Lessons

Every Puppy Primer family will recieve two, private one-hour sessions with one of our Day School trainers. The first lesson will take place in your home, where we will evaluate your set up for housebreaking and help you produce a customized plan for your family. We will help you assimilate your puppy into your unique lifestyle and make your puppy's transition easier. During an in-depth discussion regarding puppy behavior, you will learn how your actions can influence your puppy's success. Your second private lesson will take place at our Sudbury training facility, where we will review and teach you how to implement training based on your specific puppy and your family. Topics include teaching owners how to shape wanted behaviors such as coming when called, proper play and proper interaction with children. We will also discuss how to prevent undesirable behaviors such as nipping, jumping, destructive behavior, barking and fussing at night.

At School
Our Puppy Primer curriculum includes behavior and command based training that reflects your puppy's age and developmental stage. Topics Include:

- Appropriate Greetings     
- Confidence Building
- Crate Training 
- Grooming
- Handling
- Intro to Coming When Called
- Jumping
- Name Recognition                 
- Nipping                           
- Problem Solving
- Resource Guarding   
- Socialization

Back to School
The core of this program is teaching you all of the wonderful things that your puppy is working on in school so that you can implement at home. Our Primer program includes four one-hour sessions, working with you, your family, in a group setting, with other Day School families.

For more information about how this comprehensive program can benefit your new puppy and family, please call 978-443-4880.