We are very proud to share the accomplishments of Carol Soeldner, sales associate in Newton, and her two Border Terriers. Congratulations Carol, Chirp and Sponge!

Chirp Group 1Sunkist Sounds Of Joix, RN, RL-1, SE, JE (Can), CG, TKN, RATN, L1E, CGC, V, CHIC  (known as Chirp) earned his Versatility title with the Border Terrier Club of America this fall by earning his Novice Trick title. He is Carol's fifth Border to earn this accomplishment (out of five).  She owned his great uncle and uncle (who showed at Westminster twice) and they earned Versatility as well as Versatility Excellent titles.  He turns five years old on February 21.

Sponge WBBOS 120916Holystone Ode To Joy Of Kincora, RATN, TKN, CGC (known as Sponge) earned her Achiever Dog certificate on January 6, 2018 with a win in a conformation show on January 6, 2018. She now has eight points towards her Championship and is turning two years old on February 26! The American Kennel Club recently launched its new Achiever Dog certificate program. Sponge received this certificate because she got Winner’s Bitch and a point at a conformation show in January. She had earned her titles earlier last year.

The AKC Achiever Dog certificate program is designed to recognize those exhibitors and dogs who participate in multiple sports. A dog will receive an AKC Achiever Dog certificate when it has been awarded a placement or earned a qualifying score in three different sports.

"Many exhibitors are interested in participating in different sports," said Dr. Carmen Battaglia, AKC Board Member. "The AKC Achiever Dog program is designed to encourage owners to try a variety of sports, finding those they enjoy and realizing success. Both are winners!"
AKC launched the Achiever Dog as a pilot program. At the end of one year, all owners who have received a certificate will be surveyed to determine the success of the program. Opportunities for improvement will be identified and could lead to a more refined program which recognizes these versatile dogs. The survey finding will help to shape the future of the AKC Achiever Dog certificate program. For more information on this program, please click here or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the AKC directly.