We are pleased to announce that a total of $6,000 in food, treats, supplies and cash was donated to the following local non-profit organizations during the month of December: Precious Pug Rescue & Adoption, Baypath Humane Society, German Shepherd Rescue, Northeast All Retriever Rescue, House Rabbit Network, Canine Companions for Independence, Save A Dog, Animal Shelter, Inc of Sterling, Animal Rescue League of Boston and Dedham and Lucky Star Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue. Holiday fundraising events included our annual Pet Photos with Santa and Hanukkah Harry and The Forgotten Pets Toy Drive for local non-profit rescue organizations.


Most successful of all the fundraisers was the annual Pet Photos with Santa events, held in all six Especially for Pets’ locations.

Rebecca Tarby, a volunteer with Framingham-based non-profit, Save A Dog, said “Thanks again for hosting another successful Save A Dog event - we really appreciate Especially for Pets' support! We made over $400 in one day between Pet Photos with Santa and Save A Dog merchandise sales. This is a great success for only 2 hours! A very fun time was had by all and it gave us another great opportunity to raise much needed funds in our efforts to help homeless pets find loving new families!”

According to Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) volunteer Judy Tucker, “Pet Photos with Santa was a fun and exciting day at the Newton Especially for Pets. Store manager, Trish and her staff offered us an outstanding warm welcome! The combination of Santa pictures and the check for nail clipping donations was dynamite and led to a total of $3,378. We are grateful and pleased for this support to a non profit helping disabled and hearing impaired children and adults. Thank you for having us under your philanthropic umbrella.”

Lisa Makrinikolas, coordinator of the Precious Pugs Rescue & Adoption Pet Photos Days in Newton and Sudbury said “We would like to thank all of the people and dogs and cats and even the rabbit that came out for our holiday photo fun! Thanks to you we raised over $400 for pugs in need and had a great time with Santa and Hanukkah Harry.”