Second Chance Fund for Animal Welfare (SCFAW) was the recipient of nail clipping donations from January through March of 2007. President and founder Jan Beckwith said “Thank you so much, Especially for Pets customers, for your generous donations for free nail clipping services in the first quarter of 2007!!! We are thrilled to receive a total of $2,936. This money will go directly towards our spay/neuter programs that help pet owners in financial need to spay/neuter their cats and dogs. 

We already partner with local area veterinarians to provide these services, and have recently started new clinics in the greater Worcester area.  Since these clinics are new to the area, the need is overwhelming. With this wonderful donation we will be able to help an additional 100 pets!  Spayed / neutered pets are happier, have greater life expectancy and are more likely to stay in their homes than intact ones. With your donation, you change a pet’s life for the better!”

In addition to offering free nail clipping services for a donation to SCFAW, all six Especially for Pets’ stores also became drop off locations for used cell phones. Over 300 cell phones were collected and brought in an additional $260 for SCFAW. Adrienne Linnell, director of marketing and publicity for SCFAW explained, “While this doesn’t sound like a lot of money, it will fund four spays/neuters and the satisfaction of knowing that all cell phones were responsibly recycled, thereby ensuring that no harmful chemicals or toxic wastes go into our landfills.”

Especially for Pets continues to be a cell phone drop off location. Please bring your used cell phones to any of our six locations and they will be donated to SCFAW.

About Second Chance Fund for Animal Welfare
Their mission is to improve the quality of life for cats and dogs in need in Worcester County by providing affordable spay/neuter services, support for catastrophic illness and injury and public education. For more information, visit