January 3, 2007

Dear Especially for Pets,

Thank you so much for your generous donation to the Metrowest Humane Society. This money was collected from your nail clipping services in July, August and September of 2006. The MWHS can use this donation for many of its different costs, from feeding the shelter cats to spaying and neutering stray animals to helping to rehabilitate injured or sick cats.  There is one cat in particular who will benefit from your kindness and generosity.  His name is Olsen.


Olsen was left in a dirty carrier next to our dumpster on a Sunday afternoon in December.  We took him in out of the cold, took him to the vet and got him neutered and vaccinated. He seemed to be doing well at the shelter for the 1st few days and was a hit with all the staff and volunteers. Even though he resembles a fierce lion, he is a total sweetheart who wins everyone’s hearts. 

A few days after he arrived, we started to see a shift in Olsen’s behavior. He slowly stopped being interested in being petted, lost interested in eating and drinking and just looked so sad. We rushed him to the vet where he stayed for a number of days.  His health kept declining for no apparent reason.  The vet had to give him a feeding tube to keep him alive.  After a few more days of many tests and multiple treatments, he finally started eating on his own again. We were all so relieved as most of us thought we would lose this handsome fellow.  Olsen finally made it back to the shelter where he has made a full recovery. It was never determined what caused his health scare but the main thought was depression and stress from being abandoned.  He is doing great now and spends his time romping around the shelter with his other feline friends and being petted by his many fans.  Since the vets have given Olsen a clean bill of health, he is now seeking a family to call his own.

Olsen’s time at the veterinary hospital was well worth it since it saved his life but it was a large financial strain on us. But thanks to your generosity, we can pay off his vet bills and continue to rescue other cats in need. 

All of our thanks, from the board, staff, volunteers and cats at the MetroWest Humane Society.


Heather Stadler
Shelter Manager
MetroWest Humane Society
Ashland, MA