Especially for Pets in the Community:
Operation Outreach

Especially for Pets has joined the many businesses large and small across the country who are part of a national movement to ensure the future of America’s children .Bringing Operation Outreach-USA to the communities that we serve helps the country get behind American schools to improve literacy and raise the bar on academic performance.


What is Operation Outreach USA?

OO-USA gives books to children, lesson plans to teachers and guides to parents. OO-USA puts reading first, but takes it an important step  further. Not only does it teach children to read and to be motivated and challenged to expand their knowledge base, it teaches respect, responsibility, courage, leadership and determination through  specially designed books and teacher-designed lesson plans. It helps to build a child’s character and self-esteem, the foundation of good citizenship.

How is Especially for Pets involved?

We are sponsoring classrooms within the towns that we serve, by supplying books to over 400 children. The books we have chosen to sponsor teach about responsibility to pets and appropriate care. By providing these books, we are helping to develop the literacy skills of all students involved.

"We are delighted that Especially for Pets has joined with Operation Outreach-USA to support schools in the communities they serve. Developing literacy, character and compassion among our children is the first step toward success in life. Becoming a life long reader starts by cherishing books and taking pride in ownership and character is developed through example and positive experiences. What better place to start than by learning to act responsibly and respectfully towards our pets."  Judy Golden, President, Operation Outreach-USA

Recently, some of the staff from Especially for Pets visited the Conant School in Acton to deliver the books to the students. In addition, they did a presentation on how to safely approach a dog. Canine volunteers Ayla, a four-year old Boston terrier, Dublin, a six-year old Doberman pinscher, and Bailey, a 13-year old golden retriever, were happy to demonstrate. The students were active participants during the Program.  When asked to describe what it means to be a responsible pet owner, their responses included ‘walk your dog every day, give them fresh water and have your pet micro chipped.’

Below are some excerpts from thank you letters from the students.

‘Thank you for coming to our school. It was very fun. Your dogs are all very cute. I wish I could have one of them. Hope you come again. ‘

‘Thank you from coming and showing us about dogs. These are two rules about dogs: 1) Never raise your hand above your head. 2) Be careful with a pet.’

‘Thank you for bringing the three dogs to our school. I liked the books that you gave us.  I read up to the fifth chapter in Bustop the Cat and Mrs. Lin.

‘I liked the books that you gave us. Thank you for letting us pet the dogs and telling us what to do and what not to do.’

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