Especially for Pets’ Newton location hosted a Wednesday’s Child taping on November 29, 2005. Wednesday’s Child is a weekly news segment hosted by Jack Williams of CBS4 Boston that features a child or sibling group awaiting adoption.

The Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) contacted us requesting we be the site for ten year old Carlos’ taping since he loves animals and is interested in learning about dog training.

Angela Nickerson, one of our professional trainers, did a great job working with Carlos and our four-footed volunteer, Bailey, a 13 year old golden retriever.

Before the camera started rolling, Angela gave Carlos some pointers and helped him teach Bailey a few tricks. When Jack Williams arrived, Carlos showed off his new skills for the camera. Everyone, both participants and spectators alike, had a great time.

During the filming, we had a chance to learn more about this delightful ten year old boy through his social worker. Carlos is a polite, good-natured young boy of Latino descent who is bilingual. He is quiet by nature, but warms ups and engages in conversation when he feels comfortable. He was right at home with the dogs in our store. Carlos is in the third grade and has made great strides academically and gets along well with his peers. He loves spending time outdoors, going swimming, doing arts and crafts projects and watching soccer on television. His social worker is seeking a caring adoptive family who will advocate for Carlos academically and encourage his athletic pursuits. Maybe his future family will even share Carlos’ love for animals and have a puppy for him to help train.   

For more information about Carlos or about adoption in general, please call MARE at 617/54-ADOPT (617/542-3678) or 800/882-1176, or visit Click on the CBS4 logo to view Carlos’ Wednesday’s Child video.