Each quarter, the staff at Especially for Pets volunteers their time to clip the nails of customers’ pets in exchange for a donation to a local shelter.

The recipient for the third quarter of 2004 was Animal Shelter Inc. of Sterling who recently received a donation for $2,632 – thank you Especially for Pets’ customers!

Executive Director Leigh Grady said "Our shelter is proud to be affiliated with Especially for Pets and it’s wonderful to see a pet store that is SO rescue and shelter friendly – a pet store with a conscience.

Especially for Pets has been very supportive of the Animal Shelter Inc. of Sterling - from Christmas Santa pictures, sponsoring PetRock...to helping with our shelter adoption booklets! We love Especially for Pets!!!"

Especially for Pets presented the check to the staff of Animal Shelter Inc. of Sterling at the Pet Rock Festival on September 12th.  


Why Adopt from The Animal Shelter Inc. of Sterling?
The greatest thing about adoption is that you save a life. For every animal adopted from a shelter, a space opens up that will welcome another great dog or cat and save its life. In addition, besides the obvious advantage of saving a life you also get a great chance to find a companion who is “perfect” for you. You will get a chance to speak with experienced adoption counselors who know the animals they are placing, work with them daily, and will be able to recommend the best pet for your particular situation. The shelter also has an enormous variety of animals, purebreds, mixbreeds, all ages and personalities. This will allow you to have the most options when adopting your new lifelong friend. Most animals in a shelter have already received some kind of training, and so there will be a shorter adjustment period when you bring in a shelter pet.

Their Mission
The Animal Shelter Inc. of Sterling, Massachusetts is a non-profit organization and no-kill shelter. The shelter provides humane sheltering and care for stray, unwanted, abused and neglected animals. The staff is dedicated to finding good homes for adoptable pets and continues to promote responsible pet ownership to improve the quality of life for the animals and people in our community.

The Shelter is supported entirely by donations from private individuals and through mandatory surrender and adoption fees. The Animal Shelter, Inc. does not receive support from the United Way or from federal, state or local governments.

If you are considering adopting a pet, visit the shelter at 17 Laurelwood Road, Sterling, visit their website at www.sterlingshelter.org or call 978/422-8585.