Dear Ms. Lord & Ms. McGoniagle:

Great thanks for your generous gift of $663.00 from Especially for Pets, Inc. to benefit our affordable, nationwide breeding control program. Your valuable contribution supports our work to prevent the births of millions of puppies and kittens.


Friends of Animals appears to be the non-profit leader in terms of the number of neutering procedures actually performed by our participating veterinarians, through our sterilization of more than 2 million cats and dogs since our inception.  FoA's spay/neuter certificates can now be purchased online at our website:

I'm sure you share our view that pre-adoption and early-age spaying and neutering are two of the most effective ways that animal shelters and rescue organizations can directly impact dog and cat overpopulation.  That's why our emphasis is to address the important issue of pre-adoption spaying and neutering and to challenge every shelter and rescue organization, to only release animals for adoption after they have been spayed or neutered.  Some groups' adoption procedures ask for agreement to neuter the cat or dog as opposed to releasing animals after the sterilization is performed.

Your gift will help subsidize our breeding control program, making it possible for the elderly, people with low incomes, and animal rescuers to responsibly care for their animals.  Your support also allows us to convince more people that neutering cats and dogs is the only way to reduce pet overpopulation in their community.

Again, thank you again for your confidence in our efforts and for strengthening our work.


                                                 Priscilla Feral