On September 16, the MSPCA shelters hosted the 21st annual 'Walk for the Animals' of which Especially for Pets was a proud sponsor.

Last year, the MSPCA's seven animal shelters took in almost 30,000 unwanted and homeless animals - including cats, dogs, puppies, kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses, farm animals, and wildlife. The emergency rescue vehicles responded to over 1,000 calls for help. MSPCA assisted tens of thousands of people with advice, guidance, and referrals for animal-related problems and questions. In addition, they taught kindness and compassion to area school children, and provided low-cost rabies vaccinations to the pets of owners in need.

And they placed almost 11,000 animals into new, loving homes. It is through the support of 'Walk for Animals' that MSPCA can provide these vital services.

Despite the somber mood caused by the tragic events of September 11, people came to the walk ready to celebrate and support the great services the shelters provide for people and animals. Almost 600 humans and 300 dogs, many decked out in patriotic attire and accessories, have so far helped to raise more than $66,000.

The MSPCA is overwhelmed by the generosity, appreciation, and admiration of all its supporters.