On Saturday, October 6, Especially for Pets in Acton was the place to be!  Neads (National Education for Assistance Dog Services) and some of its puppies-in-training were at the Acton store for a Puppy Petting Day to socialize the pups.

Customers were happy to bring their pooches and kids in to meet the pups and to help socialize them. Joyce Schmitt, a staff member from NEADS was at the store with a Golden Retriever puppy, Kula, who recently came from his puppy raiser in Vermont. Kula had just started his advanced training the week before the event. Another pup in training, Chase, was on site visiting with Susan Evans, a 'pups on parole' socializer.

Susan's job is to socialize puppies being raised by inmates. Also on hand was Mary Solis, with her dog, Larry, a recent graduate. All the dogs were very well behaved and enjoyed meeting all of our customers and their dogs!

The highlight of the day was when Amy Lord, Acton Store Manager, presented NEADS with a $3,000 check. Especially for Pets' grooming staff, from all four stores, raised the money by providing nail clipping services in exchange for donations to NEADS. Especially for Pets was proud to make this significant donation to such a worthwhile organization.