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Willy’s Kitty Angels Rescue
PO Box 222
N. Uxbridge, Ma. 01538

August 24, 2011

Dear Amy and Especially for Pets Staff,

First, I would like to apologize for the delay in sending this thank you letter. It has been an extremely busy time for us, as explained below.

On June 20th we began working with a cat hoarder who had 35 adult cats and 40 kittens. Our volunteers and I removed 45 kittens beginning on July 1st, the final 6 leaving just three weeks ago. Two of the kittens J.P. and K.C. had such severe eye infections they each required an emergency eye enucleation. Had it not been for the generous gift given to us by Especially for Pets, as your first quarter nail clipping recipient, these surgeries would have financially drained our organization.

K.C. is currently up for adoption and is the star of our website, while J.P. was not as lucky. He lost his battle with viral pneumonia two weeks after his surgery. Your gift also enabled us to help the family spay and neuter their adult cats by splitting the cost to stop the reproduction. The funds also helped us treat the sick kittens removed from the home.

Your gift will continue to give a second chance to many cats and kittens. Funds have also been allocated to help exhausted female cats “retire” from breeding thru our Spay a Mom program.

We are grateful for the gift you have given us, we will continue to update you.

Maryellen Richards, Director
Willy’s Kitty Angels Rescue