Sarah Wilson, Master Trainer, presented two 90-minute seminars for pet owners based on positive communication and canine behavior entitled "Getting to Good." All proceeds went directly to Canine Companions for Independence. (CCI). "Let's Have Fun Games Seminar" and "Minding Manners Amid Distractions" were the seminars presented to eager attendees and their canines.

Sarah Wilson has devoted her life to helping people and their pets live with more joy and less confusion; with a focus on making learning fun for both ends of the leash.  Visit her website,

CCI Volunteer Donna Martin said; “Thanks, again, to Sarah Wilson and Especially for Pets for their significant contributions and collaboration that made the day possible, to Debbie Baker, and to all the volunteers who helped in the planning, publicity and execution.” CCI is a non-profit organization that provides highly skilled assistance dogs and ongoing support for people with disabilities.