Supporting Massachusetts Police Dogs ~ Celebrating our 11th anniversary

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Helping provide bulletproof vests, essential equipment, training, & dogs.

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February 1, 2012

Ms. Amy Kinne, Director of Business Development
Especially for Pets
1185 Chestnut St
Newton, MA 02464  

Dear Amy, Especially for Pets staff and customers: 

Many thanks, for your enthusiastic and talented staff in conjunction with generous clients and their beloved pets, with the Q2 2011 nail trimming fundraiser, raising a total of $7314!   


These funds provided bullet/stabproof vests ($1006 each) for: 

K-9 Bruno and K-9 Euro, of the Middlesex County Sheriff's Department 

   and specialized bullet/stabproof SWAT vests ($2400 each) for:

K-9 Beny of Westford Police Department
K-9 Mik of Middlesex County Sheriff's Department 

the remaining funds ($502) along with donations from our Especially for Pets Spring 2011 Tour purchased a bullet/stabproof vest   ($1006 each) for:  

K-9 Bruno (another Bruno - there are 2 Brunos in the Middlesex County Sheriff's Department!)


One handler summed up his gratitude for the K9 vest with this statement:

"he's not a piece of equipment that I can pick-up and use and then put aside. The dog has feelings and affection toward me and my family, as we do for him. I've always had full confidence in him that when he's called upon, without hesitation, he would step up to the task. It's the gift from you guys [the vest] that help provide me with comfort knowing he has protection to help deal with the threats that we may face so that the two of us can return home at the end of our shift."

With sincere gratitude,
Kathy Hinds, President

ABOUT: Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog, Inc. is an independent, all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 organization, recently expanded it's mission, to Support Massachusetts Police Dogs, by helping provide vests (continuing to be our primary goal), essential equipment, training & dogs; in response to K9 handlers who have often noted the fragility of their K9 budgets, & lack of funding for other K9 equipment (hot & pop units, bite sleeves/suits, kennels when the cruiser type changed, etc.), as well as specialized training, & the ultimate 'big ticket item' - the purchase of a dog.  Donors, supporters & volunteers have often asked "what else can we do?"  We are building on 11 year of success: since 2000, because of generous support from donors like you and tireless efforts of our volunteers, Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog is proud to have provided over 300 bulletproof K9 vests to the Massachusetts law enforcement agencies. 

Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog, Inc. is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit. Tax ID#45-0592275 

Registered as a Public Charity with the MA Attorney General’s Office, Certificate of Solicitation #048402.8