breanna 1Breanna Leonard joined Especially for Pets in Canton in 2010 after leaving an unethical situation at a previous job at a dog boarding/daycare facility where the owner was mistreating the animals. Breanna spent the next year trying tirelessly to have the facility closed down. Canton Store Manager Bonnie Chepovsky knew immediately that Breanna’s passion about animals was genuine and that she would be a great addition to the Especially for Pets family.

Breanna works as a customer service associate and obedience trainer. She owns five rescue dogs and is currently fostering two. Breanna offers a great deal of her free time helping train rescue dogs; she rehabilitates foster pit bulls and then finds homes for them. Breanna exemplifies the Especially for Pets’ mission by being extremely knowledgeable, providing outstanding customer service, and having a passion for pets. Congratulations!