MA vest a dog donationEspecially for Pets’ customers really came through again by responding very generously when asked to support Massachusetts police dogs in a recent campaign to celebrate Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog’s 15th anniversary. During the months of October and November, customers made either a $1, $5 or $15 donation to Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog, and Especially for Pets matched it! The final result was $6,592, plus an additional $1,000 from a Canton store customer to sponsor a K9 vest!

Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog President Kathy Hinds said “We’re ecstatic with the overwhelming support for Massachusetts police dogs through the Especially for Pets “$1,500 for 15” fundraiser. Especially for Pets has been tremendously supportive of our efforts going back to 2001. Our long-term relationship has created many opportunities for support and awareness, for which we are so very grateful. Their generous offer to match donations up to $1,500, celebrating our 15th anniversary, is enormously appreciated. With today’s check of $6,592, and a Canton store customer sponsoring a K9 vest ($1,000), and past support through quarterly nail trimmings, specific fundraisers, and calendar proceeds, their support to date is $27,990 – helping provide ballistic K9 vests, essential equipment and funding for training & dogs. On behalf of Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog and Massachusetts police dog programs, I extend our sincere thanks!”

Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog, Inc. is an independent, all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, supporting Massachusetts Police Dogs. Since 2000, generous donor support and tireless volunteer efforts have provided almost $700,000 in support:  436+ ballistic K9 vests (including 48 specialized SWAT K9 vests at $2,400+ each), 220 K9 First Aid Kits ($200 each), as well as essential K9 equipment, training and dogs to support law enforcement K-9 programs across Massachusetts.