Grant BaypathWhen you work in an animal shelter with tight quarters, you quickly learn to make use of every inch of space. You build a nook in your supply room so a shy cat can have a quiet place to sleep. The spot behind your desk doubles as an extra dog kennel. And meetings with adopters often take place by the outdoor benches because there’s simply no room indoors to talk. With just 1,700 square feet of indoor space, Baypath Humane Society knows this challenge well. That’s why they were thrilled to win the Especially for Pets Nail Clipping Grant in early 2015. With those funds, the shelter was able to realize its dream of creating its very own “Real Life Room”.

This quiet 288-square foot building adjacent to the shelter provides a much-needed respite for anxious dogs. “Our goal is to find loving homes for animals – and to give them the best quality of life while they’re in our care,” said Baypath Humane Society Executive Director Elizabeth Jefferis. “But even in the best of circumstances, shelters are busy and loud, and this can be stressful for animals. Having a peaceful place where a dog or cat can relax is amazing. We’re grateful to Especially for Pets for helping us create this versatile new space.”

The Real Life Room is a place where:

  • Dogs can play and explore or just enjoy a peaceful nap
  • Staff and volunteers provide positive training to help a dog learn new skills
  • Potential adopters can spend time getting to know a dog or cat better
  • Staff conduct dog evaluations to better understand each dog’s temperament
  • Kittens can be rescued and cared for while they await new homes

The staff at Baypath Humane Society invites you to stop by their shelter at 5 Rafferty Road in Hopkinton, MA or follow them on Facebook to learn more.