Baypath LogoIn early 2015, Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton was the recipient of the Especially for Pets Nail Clipping Grant. With these funds, the shelter was able to build a Real Life Room that offers tremendous versatility. One of the important ways that Baypath Humane uses the space is for conducting dog evaluations.

Baypath staff members have received AniMatch canine body language and behavior observation training, which provides them with an objective way to understand a dog's sociability, comfort level with handling, and more. This is one piece of information that the staff uses to help find the right home for each dog.

It can be tough to do evaluations amid the noise and distractions in a typical shelter environment. Thanks to the Especially for Pets Grant, Baypath now has a wonderful, quiet space to do this important work.

In this video, Baypath Director of Animal Programs, Jeanine Lorusso (along with rescue dog Sadie!) demonstrates a dog evaluation.