Jen Niles Art ClassAnimal rescue organizations know the challenge of creating new and effective ways to raise money. At Especially for Pets, we consistently partner with people in the community who want to help in this worthwhile work. Sometimes our involvement even has a happy “ripple effect” that goes beyond the initial event.

In February 2014, artist Jen Niles approached us about holding a fundraising art class for Buddy Dog Humane Society. Jen's enthusiasm was infectious and we were happy to partner with her because it was a natural extension of our community involvement.

Hosted by our Wayland store, the event turned out to be a success and led to a second class to benefit the Guardian Angels Cat Rescue. The next thing we knew, Jen was scheduling classes in our other stores as well. “I had been very nervous at first. I knew that I wanted to teach a class, but taking that first step was a little terrifying,” says Jen. “I am so grateful to Especially for Pets for giving me the opportunity.”

An attendee of one of the Wayland classes had a connection at Camp Unleashed in the Berkshires, a camp for dogs and their people. Camp Unleashed loved Jen's concept when they heard about it and invited her to debut her Paint Your Pup classes for them last September (she will offer them at her third camp with them this fall). Her popular (or should we say ‘pup-ular’) Paint Your Pet fundraising classes are now offered every other week at Worcester Animal Rescue League.

“I’m always on the lookout for something that responsible dog people might enjoy seeing, doing or supporting,” says EFP customer E.N. Goldings. “Your offering at Especially for Pets was a great combination of these things.” Goldings herself has been a part of Especially for Pets' growth and training community, starting in Newton 20 years ago, and taking classes in Sudbury for the last 15 years. “They have a huge space in that store for training,” she says, “and some great coaches and trainers.”

We are happy to offer space to any animal organization interested in bringing Jen in for a fundraising “Paint Your Pet” class. To find out more, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.