Tambor CCI 1At twelve weeks old, our Canine Companions puppy, Tambor, is already learning. Here is one of the methods his Puppy Raiser, Leslie Zelamsky, uses.

NEVER respond to your puppy when he is in an excited state of mind or demonstrates pushy behavior. For example, when you come home to your crated dog, never let him out of the crate unless he is settled. Releasing an excited puppy from his crate teaches him that he will be rewarded for excitable behavior. ALWAYS praise your dog when he is in a calm state of mind. Does he just happen to come to you, sit for you or lay down for you without your request? Praise that moment. He will learn that these are behaviors you like and will repeat them. Dogs follow a calm pack leader. They also can be influenced by the calmness or excitability of the rest of the pack, your family. If you are calm, they will be calm.  If you are excited, they will be excited.