PlaytimeA wonderful and very important part of puppy development is playtime and socialization with other dogs. It is critical that your puppy experiences positive play with friendly and appropriate dogs. Tambor loves to attend playgroups at Especially for Pets. Our playgroups are extra special because they are facilitated by our professional dog training instructors. Your dog will have a blast, with the added benefit of learning to participate in appropriate canine play. Owners will learn about canine body language, pack dynamics, and how to promote positive play. 

When you are out in public with your puppy, be wary of other dogs you do not know. You should not let your puppy play with unknown dogs. It can be dangerous for him or encourage inappropriate play behavior. In nice weather, public dog parks are often popular, but there are risks that you should consider including aggressive dogs or dogs that guard toys. If you leave your dog at a daycare facility, make sure the staff understands canine behavior and training.