CaptainThe Especially for Pets' Day School at Sudbury is pleased to introduce our very first enrollee! Captain is a five month old Comfort Retriever who lives with his family in Natick. Captain is one of our training students who will attend our Day School twice a week. Like Captain, each dog will have an individualized learning plan that reflects the requests of his owner. Captain's mom, Michele, looks forward to our working on loose leash walking, come when called, dropping objects, proper greetings and nipping while playing. These are all important goals for Captain because Michele would like him to become a Therapy Dog. We are excited to help Captain and Michele achieve this wonderful goal of offering others the gift of canine love and companionship. Our Day School in Sudbury opens December 5 and evaluations and registrations are already in progress. For more information, please call 978/443-7682 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..