TamborArtGalleryCanine Companions puppy Tambor is now seven months old and is beginning to do more work in public situations. When a CCI puppy is six months old, the puppy raiser begins the slow and steady process of acclimating the puppy to all types of social situations. It is important that service dog puppies are comfortable and well behaved in public. So far, Tambor has been to a few restaurants, supermarkets and retail stores. He has done very well. In this photo, he accompanied me to an art exhibition reception. He was well received by everyone and was a calm and happy addition to the festivities. As Tambor matures, so will the intensity of his public outings. 

I am so lucky to be able to bring Tambor to work with me where he gets to enjoy playtime in our new Day School in Sudbury. He loves to 'party' with his class mates! Tambor is particularly good at adjusting his play style to any dog. He loves to rough it with the big guys but is also a gentle friend to a three pound Yorkie.