womanpuppyA wonderful way to encourage a young puppy to become a well-mannered adult dog is to catch him doing something right and letting him know. We do this by 'marking' the behavior. Marking a behavior that you like and want to encourage is easy! Just give praise and a treat! Doing so will encourage him to repeat behaviors that you like. Here are some examples of wanted behavior to positively mark on a regular basis. 

Coming to You
Does your new puppy come to you just because he wants to? Does he hang out near you? Catch that, praise that and treat that. Give your puppy some lovin’ and give him a treat, just because he came to you. This will develop into a natural desire to be with you and help with his formal come command. It will also encourage him to pay attention.

Following You
If your new puppy likes to follow you, this is wonderful. Encourage this with love and praise. He will become the dog that wants to be with you more than anything!

Sitting Gets a Pet
When your puppy comes to you and sits, tell him how good he is. Pet him and give him a treat.  

Quiet in his Crate
Does your puppy happily hang out in his crate? Is he content in there? Praise that and give him a treat.

Choosing His Toys
Does your puppy pick up his toys to play with on his own? Praise that and tell him he is a good boy.

Is your puppy beginning to cue to you that he needs to go to the bathroom? Does he go to the door to let you know that he needs to go out? Praise that and give him a treat.

Playing Nicely with You and Your Children
Does your puppy play nicely without getting over excited and mouthy? Continue to play! He should be rewarded for being so sweet.