HindsMAVestADogOn April 30, Kathy Hinds completed her final term as Massachusetts Vest–A-Dog's President to focus on family needs, especially her 10 month old grandson, Lucas! Hinds started the non-profit in 2000 when her then 11 year old daughter Lisa brought home an “American Girl” magazine featuring an 11 year old who had founded the national Vest-A-Dog program in San Diego. Lisa told her mom “I want to vest a dog!” and so, Hinds founded Massachusetts Vest a Dog.

We have been honored to work with Kathy over the past 17 years and are so grateful for our partnership. We will miss her greatly but look forward to continuing to support and educate our customers about Vest-A-Dog. Hinds shared some big milestones in a recent interview: “In just over two years, all the K9s in Massachusetts were vested; in 2011 we expanded our mission beyond just providing ballistic vests to include "essential equipment and funding for training and dogs;" over 300 K9 First Aid kits provided; almost 500 K9 vests; and over $1,000,000 in support for MA K9s since 2000!” If you are inspired by Kathy and her work, please consider donating or volunteering!