buddydogblogJust over a year ago, we were fortunate to begin a partnership with the Buddy Dog Humane Society in efforts to promote rescue dogs and the importance of obedience training. Located just down the street from our Sudbury location, it was our intent to offer obedience classes to the shelter in hopes that enrollment in class would increase chances of adoption. We are proud to say that since the inception of the partnership, 19 dogs have gone through the Especially for Pets' training program and the vast majority were adopted before they finished a training session! These classes have been such a fun and engaging way for the staff and volunteers at Buddy Dog to learn about obedience training and to spend some necessary one-on-one time with the dogs.

Michael Radulski, adoption counselor, explained: “At the Buddy Dog Humane Society, we believe participation in obedience training classes is essential to becoming a responsible dog owner. Establishing leadership and control over your dog is beneficial towards giving it a happy home. Through training, we learn how to properly handle our dogs and develop an understanding of their behavior. Every dog has a unique personality, which means you must find the right training technique that helps with a behavioral issue. At Buddy Dog, we strive to offer the best quality care to the dogs at our shelter. This partnership has given Buddy Dog the tools to properly train and handle the dogs in our facility. This allows us to provide the best quality care to our dogs and explain to potential adopters on how to approach catering to a specific dog's needs.”

Most dogs arrive at Buddy Dog with minimal obedience training experience. Oreo, an eight month cattle dog mix, was one of the first students to attend a class at Especially for Pets’ Training Academy and was a perfect example of a dog that needed help. "She had been given up for adoption and was labeled as too hyper and herding her family members; she was an ankle biter!" Although staff was able to get Oreo outside for plenty of exercise at the shelter, they still needed help correcting this undesirable behavior. In obedience class, Oreo's handler learned specific training methods that would work for her. In fact, Oreo excelled so quickly at obedience training, she was then enrolled in an Agility class! These classes gave Oreo an outlet to keep herself mentally and physically stimulated during the day. Participating in such activities are important for herding breeds like Oreo to keep their minds at ease. Staff and volunteers were able to apply these training methods on Oreo at the shelter, thus relieving stress on the dog. After months of waiting, Buddy Dog found Oreo a home shortly after her training sessions concluded. Thanks to these training classes, the staff was able to pass on helpful tips to Oreo's adopters on how to manage her behavior.

Radulski continues: “The time that staff and volunteers spend taking dogs to training at Especially for Pets is highly valued at the Buddy Dog Humane Society. These classes have proven to help the dogs get adopted more quickly, decreasing their time at the shelter. The professional trainers at Especially for Pets value the importance and impact they can have on the lives of these dogs and are so happy to share their knowledge and expertise to help each dog. With close to 500 dogs coming through our facility each year from around the globe, you can imagine we see quite a variety of dogs from all situations. It’s nice to have a helping hand when it comes to obedience training! The Buddy Dog Humane Society looks forward to our continued partnership with Especially for Pets.”

Leslie Zelamsky, director of Dog Training, along with her trainers, worked with Radulski to make the program a reality. Leslie said: “We are honored that Buddy Dog Humane Society has partnered with Especially for Pets and its Dog Training program to help these beautiful creatures find permanent and loving homes. It has been extremely satisfying to hear about the program's success and we look forward to increasing the number of homeless dogs who will benefit from our training classes. In addition to welcoming these dogs into group class, we also welcome Buddy Dogs into our Day School. Each lucky canine will attend, as needed, to develop socialization and training skills with our talented Day School team.”