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Especially for Pets is a chain of stores in Massachusetts that sell pet food, supplies and offer services such as training and grooming. Founded in 1988, we currently have seven locations throughout the state and more than 150 employees, many of whom have affiliations with veterinary, training and animal rescue organizations. Our employees are extremely knowledgeable and passionate and they treat customers with the utmost respect and a high-level of customer service.

Everything about Especially for Pets is designed to support and celebrate the bond between you and your pets. From the inception of our company, our focus has been on responsible pet care. Our stores serve as venues for teaching and educating you, the pet owner, In particular, we offer specialty seminars that enable you to learn more about nutrition, training, health and wellness and more.

We have been at the forefront of natural and holistic products for 24 years and were the first retailer in Massachusetts to introduce raw frozen food.

We excel at grooming and training services and employ many groomers and trainers with renowned and stellar reputations in Massachusetts. Our Training Academy in Sudbury sets the standard for training facilities.

We never have and never will sell pets! It is our culture to support local animal humane organizations and non-profits through customer education as well as financial support. We feel it is our responsibility to help with the problem of homeless animals and therefore promote and encourage adoptions in our communities and throughout New England.