• “I felt like Maria listened and truly cared about the welfare/care of my adult male cat. You’ve earned a loyal customer.” - Jenice T.
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The Especially for Pets’ Adoption Initiative Program finds permanent, loving homes for homeless pets, as well as raises awareness about the work being done in the rescue community. In six month increments, each Especially for Pets’ store teams up with a local non-profit or rescue organization to educate our customers about the specific organizations, to collect donations, and ultimately to help find homes for pets in their care.

Current partnerships are listed below. You can also visit our stores to check out the Adoption Board and see photographs of the animals available for adoption and/or pick up a copy of their ‘Wish List’. Make a donation to support the organization of your choice in any of our stores and we will see that it is delivered to the non-profit organization.

To see past partnerships, please click here.


Acton & Lowell Humane Society

Founded in 1873 with the mission of preventing cruelty, the Lowell Humane Society is one of the oldest humane organizations in the state of Massachusetts. The Lowell Humane Society works tirelessly to prevent cruelty, provide care for homeless and distressed animals and educate the public about responsible pet ownership.

Wish List
- Heavy duty dog toys (such as Kong)
- Clickers
- Training treats
- Six foot leashes
- Martingale collars
- Bully sticks
- Cat toys and treats
- Rabbit toys and chews
- Carefresh bedding
- Rabbit, rat and hamster foods

guardian angels cat rescue logo


Canton & Guardian Angels Cat Rescue

This non-profit organization was formed to rescue the neediest cats and kittens primarily in the Metrowest area. With over 15 years of experience in feline rescue, they work with shelter personnel and local veterinarians to identify cats in need and get them ready for their new homes. Most of their cats are tame, friendly pets who were abandoned by previous owners. They rely on a dedicated network of volunteer foster homes who care for their charges until an adoptive home is found.

Wish List
- Gift cards to Especially For Pets
- Premium cat and kitten canned and dry food
- Cat litter
- KMR milk replacement
- Cat beds
- Towels
- Paper towels
- Postage stamps (for first class letters)
- Bleach
- Laundry detergent
- Disinfecting wipes
- Lysol/disinfectant spray
- Monetary donations (which are used for veterinary care, medical supplies, food and litter)
- Gift cards to local grocery stores, Target and Walmart


Medway & Dog Orphans

Dog Orphans Humane Society is a non-profit, no kill dog shelter. It was founded in 1971 by a small group of animal lovers dedicated to saving dogs from pain and suffering and giving them the forever home they deserve.

Wish List
- Dog toys
- Dog bones
- Pig ears
- Bully sticks
- Puppy food
- Ear cleaner
- Pet safe ice melt
- Frontline and HeartGard


Newton & Pug Rescue of New England

Pug Rescue of New England (PRoNE) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer foster home based rescue organization. Their mission is simple is to find new homes for abandoned and surrendered pugs in the six New England States. Their pugs are up to date on shots and spayed and neutered prior to being placed in a forever home.

Wish List
Dog harnesses and leashes (non-retractable)
- Dog Beds
- Exercise pens
- Blankets


Sudbury &
 Operation Delta Dog

Founded in 2013, Operation Delta Dog is a 501(c)(3) non profit with a mission to rescue shelter dogs for veterans who are suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Every day, 22 veterans commit suicide in the U.S., largely as a result of these two invisible disorders. Service dogs have proven to be very helpful in assisting sufferers to cope with the symptoms of TBI and PTSD, but New England veterans had almost no options for acquiring a service dog of their own until now. Thanks to your help, those veterans can participate in Operation Delta Dog's training program, where they are matched with a rescued canine candidate and receive support and assistance with every day tasks, night time traumas and difficult situations.

Wish List
- Kong dog toys
- Canned meat for Kong mix stuffing
- Bully sticks
- Dog beds
- Grain free dog cookies
- Treat bags
- Red martingale one inch collars
- Buckle collars
- Merrick grain free food
- Dog toys

GreyFriends hi res

Wayland & Greyhound Friends

Located in Hopkinton, Greyhound Friends is dedicated to saving retired greyhounds and other hounds. While they are predominately a greyhound adoption group, they also help other types of dogs rescued from kill shelters or high risk situations from other parts of the country and from around the world. Most of these dogs would have little chance for adoption or survival. Their goal is to find appropriate homes for adoption to give these dogs a second chance.

Wish List
- Dog toys
- Dog treats and biscuits
- Dog beds
- Martingale collars
- Dog leashes
- Dog coats
- Cleaning supplies including detergent, sponges, cleanser, ammonia and paper towels

WARL logo

Westborough & Worcester Animal Rescue League

Founded initially by a group of women determined to save overworked and abused farm horses in 1912, WARL's services have expanded and changed to protect, care and love cats and dogs throughout central Massachusetts. Their staff and volunteers are dedicated champions to this cause and act as caretakers for the animals and educators to their human counterparts. They also work with foster homes, rescue groups and other shelters nationwide to place animals in the best possible environment. WARL is a non-profit organization and your donations of money, time, supplies, homes and love are vital to their cause and the lives of the animals in their care.

Wish List 
- Belt buckle type collars (not plastic clips)
- Six foot leashes
- Dog toys, the tougher the better such as Kong and Jolly Balls
- Food puzzles for dogs
- Cat litter, particularly Feline Pine or Yesterday's news
- Uncovered litter boxes
- Nature's Miracle/Feliway
- Soft cat treats
- Pet bedding
- Metal dishes
- Any type of adult food for dogs and cats (regular and grain free)
- Small critter accessories (timothy hay and alfalfa)
- Grooming supplies