• “Your groomer was very kind and patient with me. I have a six month old puppy and I was so nervous leaving her. Your groomer allowed me to stay and watch her get bathed and then she finished her first so I could pick her up as soon as possible. A+ experience." - Chimene L.
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The Especially for Pets’ Adoption Initiative Program finds permanent, loving homes for homeless pets, as well as raises awareness about the work being done in the rescue community. In six month increments, each Especially for Pets’ store teams up with a local non-profit or rescue organization to educate our customers about the specific organizations, to collect donations, and ultimately to help find homes for pets in their care.

Current partnerships are listed below. You can also visit our stores to check out the Adoption Board and see photographs of the animals available for adoption and/or pick up a copy of their Wish List. Make a donation to support the organization of your choice in any of our stores and we will see that it is delivered to the non-profit organization.

To see past partnerships, please click here.

Toy Poodle

Acton & Toy Poodle Rescue
Toy Poodle Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit that adopts to states connecting to Massachusetts within 75 miles of Boston. They do not have a facility; all adoptable dogs are living in local private foster homes.

Wish List
Canned Wellness 95% Grain-free Meat
- Dog toys
- Small sweaters
- Wire dog crates or kennels
- Pet stairs


Canton & Little Paws Dachshund Rescue
Little Paws Dachshund Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue specializing in finding permanent homes for dachshunds. It is their goal to identify abandoned, mistreated, or homeless dogs and oversee their treatment and well-being while working to find loving owners. They strive to make the lives of all dogs better through action, advocacy, awareness and education. They are 100% non-profit and solely depend on donations.  

Wish List
- Four and six foot Leashes
- Small and medium harnesses
- Wire crates
- Treats (no large chew treats please)
- Dog toys
- Dog bowls
- Sweaters and coats
- Good quality canned and kibble dog food
- Flea/tick preventatives
- Especially for Pets' gift cards


Medway & Medfield Animal Shelter
Medfield Animal Shelter's mission is to rescue lost or abandonned animals and provide for their comfort and safety until they are united with their owners or placed in new homes.

Wish List
- Canned kitten or cat food (beef, turkey or chicken)
- High quality canned and dry dog food
- Medium or large size wire crates
- Scoopable cat litter
- Cat and dog treats
- Timothy hay
- Oxbow or Sweet Meadow bunny and guinea pig food
- Advantix, Revolution or Frontline for cats and dogs
- Especially for Pets' gift cards


Newton &
Yellow Rose Animal Rescue
Based in Big Spring, Texas, Yellow Rose Animal Rescue's mission is to save as many lives as possible. They are an all volunteer organization dependent upon support from their community.

Wish List
- Dry and canned dog food
- Dog leashes and harnesses
- Dog collars
- Kongs and interactive dog toys
- Pee pads
- Crates
- Flea and tick preventatives
- Especially for Pets' gift cards

WARL logo

Shrewsbury & Worcester Animal Rescue League
Since their founding in 1912, the Worcester Animal Rescue League has been dedicated to the care of the animals who provide so much for their human companions.

Wish List
- Dry cat and dog food
- Non-clumping cat litter
- Small litter boxes
- Easy Walk harnesses
- Cat and dog toys
- Metal pooper scoopers
- Stainless steel pet dishes

Guardian Angels

Sudbury & Guardian Angels
This non-profit organization was formed to rescue the neediest cats and kittens primarily in the MetroWest area. With over 15 years of experience in feline rescue, they work with shelter personnel and local veterinarians to identify cats in need and get them ready for their new homes. Most of their cats are tame, friendly pets who were abandoned by previous owners. They rely on a dedicated network of volunteer foster homes who care for their charges until an adoptive home is found.

Wish List
- Premium kitten and cat canned and dry food
- Cat litter
- KMR Milk Replacer
- Cat beds
- Towels
- Paper towels
- Bleach
- Laundry detergent
- Disinfecting wipes
- Lysol/disinfectant spray
- Postage stamps for first class letters
- Especially for Pets' gift cards
- Monetary donations (for use for veterinary care, medical supplies, food and litter)


Wayland & Sochi Dogs 
Since their founding during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, Sochi Dogs has been working to rescue stray and abandoned dogs through an active adoption program, spay/neuter initiative and educational campaigns. Sochi Dogs is not just a rescue organization. They are a vibrant community of advocates, dog lovers and change makers who envision a kind and compassionate future. 

Wish List
- Natural dog treats
- Quality canned dog food (Wellness, Merrick, Taste of the Wild)
- Dog harnesses, collars and leads
- Frontline or other flea/tick preventatives
- Puppy pads
- Medium and large airline approved crates


Westborough & MetroWest Humane Society
An advocate for animal welfare, MWHS focuses on the well-being of cats in the MetroWest Boston area, including finding loving homes or providing life-long care while educating the community and reducing the feral/stray cat population. They are a volunteer-led, non-profit, no-kill shelter dependent on charitable donations.

Wish List
- Canned kitten and cat food (turkey, chicken and beef)
- Dry cat food
- KMR kitten formula (8 oz. liquid variety or canned powder)
- Small bags of non-clumping clay litter
- Paper towels
- Small 6" paper plates
- Laundry detergent (HE only)
- Bleach
- Tall kitchen trash bags
- Postage stamps