cindy acton groomerCindy joined the Acton team as a groomer in August 2011. She started her grooming career in 1995 after earning a certificate from The New England Institute of Pet Grooming and owned her own grooming shop in Chelmsford, Shiny Coats Pet Care, from 1996 until 2007. Cindy truly loves what she does for a living, and takes tremendous pride in her work. She especially enjoys working with elderly dogs, and nervous ones as well and helping them work through the fear of grooming. Cindy takes a sincere interest in her clients and loves to answer their grooming questions, as well as teach them how to brush and care for their dogs at home. Although she has a long commute, she doesn't mind “because it is such a wonderful place to work and it is like a big family!” In her free time, she loves hiking with her dogs and attending doggie playgroups. Cindy is the proud owner of three wonderful dogs. Her eldest, a Boston Terrier named Tilly, still goes on two or three mile hikes regularly! Her middle one is Knuckles, a Shebeagadoodle, and his younger brother is Frank, a Jack Russell mix. Both of them are rescues.