Lisa_Medway_ManagerLisa joined Especially for Pets in 2003 as assistant manager in the Wayland store. She was promoted to manager of the Medway store in 2004, and has been there ever since. Lisa brings with her a strong passion for animals as well as a passion for sharing her knowledge with others. In college, Lisa volunteered at animal shelters and the Bronx Zoo, and assisted with wildlife rehabilitation and releases. This led to an enjoyable thirteen-year career at the Franklin Park Zoo overseeing the maintenance of the exotic hoofstock, rare cranes and carnivores.

Lisa feels very fortunate to have the opportunity and ability to help customers make new and different choices to promote positive changes in their companion animal’s food, supplements, treats, toys and even training and grooming routines. Her passionate interest in animal nutrition and holistic care is evident in many of the products promoted and the information shared with  customers. What she loves most about the Medway store is that the staff is a team and they all 'practice what they preach.' Staff members are all very similar in their approach to animal care and the desire to share their knowledge and experiences with others.

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys dog-related activities with like-minded people such as walks in the woods or on the beach. She hopes to pursue obedience, agility and some scent work with her young Belgian Tervuren, Tuuli, who accompanies her to work. Lisa also shares her life with three cats, a guinea pig, tropical fish and dwarf frogs.