Lib_Newton_ManagerLib has been with Especially for Pets since 1992 when she started as a stockperson. Her prior experience managing a restaurant helped Lib quickly move up the ranks to manager. She opened and managed both the Sudbury and Wayland stores.

As the store manager of Newton, Lib’s passion is working with customers. Helping to ultimately make a difference in an animal’s life is what drives Lib each and every day—and meeting all the pets that come into the store!

Lib belongs to two dogs: Charlotte, a 12-year old Lab/Pointer mix, and Luna, an 11-year old Puerto Rican street dog. Both were from shelters and being fostered by Lib when she became a notorious foster failure and fell in love. Charlotte was a mere eight months old and required special care after two surgeries to repair her hip. She was hit by a car and then abandoned at the shelter when Lib stepped in. Luna was just one year old and weighed only 15 pounds (she is now a healthy 27 pounds) before Lib took her in. They are watched over by Savannah, a gorgeous long grey-haired rescue cat whose number one mission in life is to escape to the backyard to eat grass. Although Charlotte has passed away, Lib's heart will always belong to her.  A gentle and loving companion, Charlotte was a huge part of Lib's life and loved not only by her but everyone at Especially for Pets as well.

In her spare time, Lib enjoys reading and gardening.