colleen_medway_AMColleen started working for Especially for Pets in 2010. She grew up in a household full of pets including Rottweilers, cats, rabbits, chinchillas, rats, ferrets, iguanas, and even goats! Her love for animals has carried into her adult life and she is happily owned by three cats (Wolf, Murphy, and Gidget), two parrots (Madison the Umbrella Cockatoo and Riddle the Greater Vasa), two chinchillas (Tico and Inara), and three rats (Fen, Mouse, and Pixel), in addition to her rescue dog, Kenzi.

Colleen has worked in natural-oriented pet stores for ten years and really enjoys working with pets and their people. Her dog, Kenzi, also enjoys coming to work with her and makes it a point to greet each and every two and four-legged customer. Colleen’s passion is nutrition which began with her ferrets at the age of eleven. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with customers and learning from their experiences with their own pets as well.