Matt_Wayland_AMMatt joined Especially for Pets in Acton in September 2010. He has two pugs, Oscar and Bella, who can often be seen wandering the store. Although this is his first job working with animals, he has been a life-long animal lover and dog owner. His favorite part of the job is meeting different animals and their owners. He also loves being able to educate and help customers make better and healthier choices for their pets.

Matt’s love of dogs can be seen both in and out of the store. At work, he helps facilitate events with dog and cat rescues, such as Pug Rescue of New England. In his free time, he is involved with Bark for Life, an American Cancer Society sponsored event to raise money for cancer research, awareness of the caregiver abilities dogs have, as well as awareness of cancer in dogs. The first Bark for Life event was held in Massachusetts in 2011. Matt is planning to get into fostering soon. When he is not working, Matt enjoys working on cars, biking, snowboarding, and summer road trips.