Introduction to K9 Nose Work

Introduction to K9 Nose Work


Sunday, February 17, 2013 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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Are you looking for a new fun activity with your canine companion? K9 Nose Work is the latest new sport that is fast becoming the hottest, fun sport in the world of canine competition. This sport teaches you how to access your dog’s natural desire to hunt through positive reinforcement.

In addition to nurturing a bond with your dog, K9 Nose Work classes build confidence, even in the most timid dog. This is also a venue where high energy dogs learn to focus on the task while engaging in and practicing their natural instincts, hunting and scenting. K9 Nose Work classes are exhilarating for both dog and handler. Participants with all types of dogs are enjoying the benefits of a positive working relationship that naturally develops when you are hunting together as a team!

Check out the official K9 Nose Work website to learn all about this new competitive sport.

All dogs participating must be at least six months old and be able to be walked on a leash and come when called. We would like to register dogs that are highly driven for food or toys. And, while this is a sport that reactive dogs can participate and do well, this workshop is not meant to address serious aggression or behavior issues. If you have a dog with these issues, please call Gail at 617-775-7968 to learn about other K9 Nose Work classes in which your dog may participate.

This two-hour workshop is $60 and pre-registration is required by calling at 978-443-7682. Working slots are limited to ten dogs. Auditors are welcome at $25 per person.

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