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Bonnie, Canton Store Manager
Bonnie joined Especially for Pets in 2006 and was promoted to assistant manager of the Wayland store that same year. After owning her own business for 18 years, Bonnie decided it was time for a change. She brought her passion for animals and her love of working with people to Especially for Pets and started a new career. Bonnie has managed the Canton store since it opened in 2009. Bonnie lives in Canton with her two children Andrew and Jaclyn and a wonderful seven-year old Golden Retriever named Chaser. Chaser goes to work with Bonnie every day and is loved by all.
Julie, Canton Groomer
Julie's first dog was a Rottweiler and was a gift from her father. His name was Lucky and was her best friend for 13 years. After going to school and working as an operations and merchandising manager for 11 years, Julie realized she truly wanted to work with animals. She received her certificate from Oceanview Professional Dog Grooming School and joined Especially for Pets in 2011. Our grooming manager Laura has been a great mentor to her. Grooming began as a hobby but has evolved into a passion. Working at Especially for Pets has been more gratifying than she could have imagined and considers herself very fortunate to work in such a fun and loving environment.
Lindsey, Canton Groomer
Lindsey graduated from Norfolk County Agricultural High School in 2011 where she studied Canine Science, focusing primarily on grooming. She has been around animals her entire lifeā€”but mostly dogs. Lindsey enjoys teaching herself new techniques and hair styles on her own dog, Sammy, and plans to continue her education in the future. She lives in Quincy, where she grew up, along with her Shih Tzu Sammy, Pitbull mix Jax, and Tabby cat Louie. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, walking and training her dogs.