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A standard grooming includes:

  • Two shampoos
  • Drying time
  • Twenty minutes of brushing
  • Haircut and trim in accordance with breed standard or personal preference
  • Nail cutting and ear cleaning

All breeds are categorized into the following levels and price ranges with examples.

  • Level 1: $25
    Puppy Bath, No Cut, Six Months and Under

  • Level 2: $40
    Puppy Bath, Haircut or Trim (Six Months and Under), Boston Terrier; Pug

  • Level 3: $45
    Labrador Retriever; Greyhound

  • Level 4:  $55
    Australian Terrier; Bichon Frise

  • Level 5: $65
    Portuguese Water Dog; Wheaten Terrier

  • Level 6: $75
    Collie; Standard Poodle

  • Level 7: $80
    Great Pyrenees; Newfoundland

Cat Grooming offered in selected locations. Please call the store for availability.

Additional grooming services that incur an additional fee include flea and tick baths, oatmeal or medicated baths, severe dematting and shavedowns.

Prices are as follows:
15 minutes shavedown or dematting (included):
Additional time: 15 Minutes = $15, 30 Minutes = $30, 45 Minutes = $45, 60 Minutes = $60
Specialty Shampoo = $7
Special Handling = $7
Skunk Shampoo = $15

Proof of Rabies vaccination required.

We also offer free nail clippings in exchange for a $7 minimum donation to our chosen nail clipping donations recipient for the quarter. Click here to find out which organization is the current recipient of nail clipping donations. Please be sure to call first to make sure our groomers are available.

Join the Especially for Pets Grooming Club and receive the tenth grooming free within one year (on the same pet) or participate in our Grooming Referral Program and receive a 50% discount on the next grooming when you refer a new client to our salon.

For more information, or to book an appointment, click here to find the store closest to you. If you have any questions about grooming, click here to see our grooming FAQs.

Click here for groomer biographies.