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Especially for Pets is proud of the variety and quality of services we offer the pet-loving community. Being a pet owner is a wonderful and rewarding experience, and we pride ourselves on helping you to nurture that relationship. We have a full line of resources to meet your needs and maximize the special bond between you and your pet including dog training, dog grooming, and educational events and seminars

Because we are dedicated to responsible pet care, our stores serve as venues for teaching and educating the public. Our goal is to offer a full array of specialty seminars, workshops and events at which you can meet professionals and learn about nutrition, training, health and wellness. They range from meet and greets with local breed rescues to classes on flea and tick prevention, pet massage, and first aid to microchipping and rabies clinics and more. Events are offered every month in each store and most are complimentary. See our Events calendars to find out what is happening this month.

Especially for Pets is pleased to offer a wide array of dog training classes and services to suit the varying needs and wants of our clients. If you have recently welcomed a new puppy into your family, adopted an adult dog from a shelter, or have had your dog for years, our Dog Training Program offers a wide variety of options from which to choose. Our curriculum includes introductory classes, sport classes and competition classes. In addition to an ongoing multi-session course list, we offer specialty workshops on a variety of topics. Our trainers emphasize communication as the key to successful training and their training methods along with their vast experience will provide you and your dog with a rewarding learning experience.

We also offer full service dog grooming in each location. Our groomers are experienced and professional and make every effort to make your pet's visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Afterall, your pet's well being is our primary concern.