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Amy Schuller, Trainer

Amy trainer

Amy enjoys problem solving and using positive reinforcement to help owners and their dogs better understand each other. She believes it's important to teach dog owners how to read canine body language and if people can learn to “read” what their dog is “saying,” they will have a better opportunity for mutual communication. When both the handler and the dog understand each other, training can become easier and more effective and fun for both parties. Amy believes that as our dog’s caregiver, we should create an environment in which our dog will be set up for success. 

Amy acquired her certification in Canine Behavior and Training at Mt. Ida College and is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. She grew up with animals and has always loved watching people and their pets interact with each other.  Amy has two pit bull mixes and a hound lab mix, all of which are rescues. She loves to work her dogs in nose work, dock-diving, biking and running.