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Christine Macdonald, Trainer

Christine_trainerChristine believes that training is the necessary foundation to a lifelong relationship with one’s dog. It helps strengthen the bond between families and their canine. Christine’s passion is sharing the positive, therapeutic qualities a pet can have on human life. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Pets and People Foundation and is involved in demonstrating Therapy Dog techniques for prospective volunteers. Christine also serves as Secretary and Administrative Assistant. In 2007, The Pets and People Foundation honored Christine with the Lollipop Award for outstanding service. Christine, her three therapy dogs and one retired therapy cat that have made over 375 Pet Therapy visits. In her free time, Christine enjoys working her dogs in agility and freestyle. She believes in consistency and patience in training and believes that training your dog should be fun. Christine feels it is very rewarding to see an owner and a dog bond during her classes. She currently owns an adopted mixed breed and two adopted Standard Poodles. Christine teaches in Acton and Westborough.