• "We are currently enrolled in your Puppy Kindergarten and have purchased crates, food, toys, etc. over the past two months from your Acton store and have always been very impressed with your service and selection. I am so happy with my experience that I have recommended your store to friends with puppies. Definitely a more personalized and positive experience than shopping at the large chain stores." - Janet W
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At Especially for Pets, our primary concern is the well being of your pet. Our experienced and professional groomers, all of whom have passed a standard of care exam, are gentle and caring and make every effort to keep your pet safe and comfortable.

  • Cindy, Acton Groomer

    Cindy, Acton Groomer Cindy joined the Acton team as a groomer in August 2011. She started her grooming career in 1995 after earning a certificate from The New England Institute of Pet Grooming and owned her own grooming shop in Chelmsford, Shiny Coats Pet Care, from 1996 until 2007. Cindy truly loves what she does for a living, and takes tremendous pride in her work. She especially enjoys working with elderly dogs, and nervous ones as well and helping them work through the fear of grooming. Cindy takes a sincere interest in her clients and loves to answer their grooming questions, as well as teach them how to brush and care for their dogs at home. Although she has a long commute, she doesn't mind “because it is such a wonderful place to work and it is like a big family!” In her free time, she loves hiking with her dogs and attending doggie playgroups. Cindy is the proud owner of three wonderful dogs. Her eldest, a Boston Terrier named Tilly, still goes on two or three mile hikes regularly! Her middle one is Knuckles, a Shebeagadoodle, and his younger brother is Frank, a Jack Russell mix. Both of them are rescues.   
  • Emily, Medway Groomer

    Emily, Medway Groomer Emily has been a groomer at Especially for Pets since 2005. Prior to joining us, she groomed locally for eight years. For the last three years, her pug, Ditto, has accompanied Emily to work and has become a fixture in the grooming room. Emily’s years of owning dogs have been mostly devoted to pugs, but she also enjoys puppy play dates with her family and friends' dogs including Labs, Mastiffs, Ridgebacks, and Shih Tzu’s. When she’s not grooming, Emily enjoys most outdoor activities and challenging herself with various do-it-yourself projects. Emily enjoys educating her grooming customers about how to help their dogs stay comfortable and look great between pet groomings!
  • Emily, Sudbury Groomer

    Emily, Sudbury Groomer Emily joined the Sudbury team in September 2012. She graduated from Becker College with an Associate’s Degree in Animal Science. Prior to coming to Especially for Pets, she spent many years working at an animal hospital and was also a grooming salon manager. Emily’s love is her rescued three year old Chihuahua from North Carolina. She loves grooming and plans on making it a lifelong career. 
  • Jennifer, Medway Groomer

    Jennifer, Medway Groomer Jennifer has a strong love for animals and started grooming both cats and dogs at Especially for Pets in 2011. She graduated from the Norfolk County Agricultural High School with a degree in Animal Science. In addition, she successfully completed pet grooming classes while attending. Jennifer has experience as a veterinary technician, kennel manager, working with farm animals, as well as dog training and as a sales associate for Especially for Pets. She has also spent over eleven years volunteering in all aspects of animal sheltering, from fostering dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies, to assisting with feral cats. Jennifer’s family includes cats, dogs, chickens, guinea pigs, as well as a rabbit. Her human children now are school-aged.    
  • Julie, Canton Groomer

    Julie, Canton Groomer Julie's first dog was a Rottweiler and was a gift from her father. His name was Lucky and was her best friend for 13 years. After going to school and working as an operations and merchandising manager for 11 years, Julie realized she truly wanted to work with animals. She received her certificate from Oceanview Professional Dog Grooming School and joined Especially for Pets in 2011. Our grooming manager Laura has been a great mentor to her. Grooming began as a hobby but has evolved into a passion. Working at Especially for Pets has been more gratifying than she could have imagined and considers herself very fortunate to work in such a fun and loving environment.
  • Laura, Manager of Grooming, Wayland Groomer

    Laura, Manager of Grooming, Wayland Groomer Laura has been a groomer in Wayland since 2009 and grooming manager since 2011. For over two decades Laura has had the good fortune to work with literally thousands of animal lovers. She has a genuine love for all animals and a desire to help them and their people. Laura uses her experience and skills to help people feel better about their pets as well as make their pets physically more comfortable. With a true passion for her job, she treats every dog like her own and still comes running when she hears a puppy is in the store! Laura spends her days off with her wife, and daughter, who also shares the same enthusiasm and love of dogs. Laura believes that she is proof that if you do what you love and love what you do, success is certain!
  • Lisa, Wayland Groomer

    Lisa, Wayland Groomer Lisa has been grooming for over two years and was trained by our own Laura Minnucci. Lisa shares her life with her husband and two dogs, Jimmy and Tucker. Their favorite leisure time activities include hiking in the woods of New Hampshire and Maine and curling up in front of a warm fire. Lisa grooms in Medway as well.
  • Manny, Canton Groomer

    Manny, Canton Groomer Manny came to Especially for Pets in 2016 with two years of grooming experience following a career with a non profit organization. He realized that his love of animals and caring for them could be far more satisfying so he began grooming at a small shop. Manny looks forward to meeting you and pampering your cat or dog.
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